Y2K Magazines was created on Instagram in 2018 to showcase the wonderfully nostalgic pages of 1990's and 2000's teen magazines. 

I was obsessed with teen magazines when I was younger and had 5 or 6 subscriptions at one time. I wanted everyone to see the pages of these magazines, so I dug out my old Seventeens, Teen Peoples, CosmoGirls!, etc. and started scanning. I wanted the Y2K Magazines Instagram to be a digital archive – for the people who grew up with these magazines and for those who didn’t get the chance. 

I had the idea to start an online store a couple years ago as a way for people to have a piece of the magazines for themselves. I finally launched the store in December 2022 after much planning and perfecting to the best of my abilities. I hope you enjoy the nostalgia!

Thank you for your support!
- Stephanie 

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